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 lianthe  as lovingly written by chii. est. they / them. established in 2022. private, independent, selective.

❝ i'll engulf you like  water.   i'll never let you drown, cher mari. ❞❝ even if you did, at least it would be gentle, mon lapin. ❞❝ and gentle it shall be. if i could encapsulate you in nothing but love, understand that i would. let me be your   heaven. gladly.

Love. Daily, I find myself catching him within my mind – obsessed over his touch. Beautifully entangled within his hands, he plays me like a harp.



Love. Daily, I find myself catching him within my mind – obsessed over his touch. Beautifully entangled within his hands, he plays me like a harp.


do not under any circumstances, be a dickhead. this includes transphobia, racism, misogyny, misandry and any form of bigotry. you either treat others with kindness or you don't. i don't deal with people that don't. i won't be giving any leeway with this. none.


i am okay with most kinds of RP. ERP won't happen with them. Mature RP is very, very encouraged with them, as their themes contain slavery, physical abuse and unhealthy ways of coping. Be 21+ though. i'm not interested in roleplaying with anyone below that.


do not hound me about roleplaying or pursue me ooc. roleplaying is not my primary focus. i've a commission list to get through. don't try to guilt me into rping. i'll communicate if i can't. don't try to bring ic feelings into ooc as well. i don't care for it.


if your character is openly hostile, though wants to roleplay with Lianthe, let me know OOC for consent + let's talk about it; just so i am aware that you're not being rude just to be rude. if there is a disagreement between the characters, i will always ask if you're okay.


do not try to be my friend solely for art/writing. i've had people do it before and it hurts every single time. once i stop giving them art, they go away. do not be this person. i can tell if you are and i will drop you like a fly if i catch those vibes from you.


while i love making friends, i will let you know now that i am unhealthily timid and greatly dislike the pleasantries of small talk though i understand it's purpose. i have a hard time reaching out but absolutely will endeavor to forego my comfort if you are the same. i am asking for the same treatment in return. that being said, i will never give you shit for not responding or not talking to me.


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there are studies within amorality, religion, religious trauma, physical abuse and mental abuse with lianthe.




Love. Daily, I find myself catching him within my mind – obsessed over his touch. Beautifully entangled within his hands, he plays me like a harp.

LAYER : one.

 name.   lianthe.
 age.   26+.
 birthday / nameday    14th sun of 1st umbral moon.
 astrological sign / guarding deity.    nald'thal.
 gender.    nonbinary.
 pronouns.    they / them.
 sexuality.    demiromantic demisexual.
 height.    5'6".
 weight.    rude.
 hair color.    jet black.
 eye color.    honey gold.
 skin tone.    porcelain.
 notable features.    two beauty marks. one under their left eye and one on the right side of their mouth.
 job occupation.   keeper of omphalos / venue owner.
 place of origin | home | affiliation.   sui-no-sato | omphalos | the twelve.

layer : two.

 family.    fujimori family | adon rynaeia (husband) | ziva zivanatae (adopted child).
 marital status.    married, monogamous.
 d&d alignment.    neutral good.
 mbti.    INFJ-A.
 likes.    tea, reading, horticulture, the twelve, sweets, wandering, exploring, learning new things, making others smile, black and gold, dressing up, intelligent beings, inquisitive beings, divination, rune reading, small animals, teasing their friends, researching.
 dislikes.    a lack of manners, nihilism, troublemakers, bitter foods, most vegetables, close-mindedness, needless violence, seeing people cry, the color white, namazu, bugs.
 virtues.    patience, kindness.
 sins.    lust, sloth.
 scent.    vanilla and roses. the faintest scent of incense.

LAYER three : psyche.

 personality.    Depending on what one is searching for, Lia could be either a mentor or a guide, always wanting to help and always wishing to be of service to the people of Etheirys. This means, though, that they would go to the ends of the earth for people who did not deserve it -- did not deserve unconditional love. There are little quirks that one might witness upon first meeting Lia and depending on who they're with, one may see a different side of Lia. If they're alone, someone will find that they're refined and elegant in all aspects, without flaw and without error, it seems. They can be a little judgemental to start off with, especially towards Ishgardian Nobles, specifically. If they're with Adon, they're much, much sweeter and much more relaxed in the company of other people.Bear in mind, Lia is still, at the core, a  kind.  character. Regardless of how they feel about someone, there will always be a modicum of understanding and empathy, solely because of the Twelve's teachings. They try not to push the religion onto people and honestly, very rarely talk about it unless someone else is incredibly religious themselves.

LAYER four: power.

LAYER : one.

—   ASPECT OF AETHER.    their aether contains all elements, as it is the amalgamation of the twelve's aspected aether. it's extremely bright and golden for people that can see aether, always replenishing, always potent.
—   MAGICAL PROWESS.    10/10
—   INTELLIGENCE.    8/10
—   DEXTERITY.    7/10
—   TENACITY.    2/10
—   STEALTH.    1/10

layer : two.

fighting style. they are patient and graceful. they have an incredibly defensive way of fighting unless they're utilizing reaper, in which case, they go through a flurry of attacks. when they move, it's a dance, using their flexibility to move and dodge.gold aether. strange strange. ~ perhaps it would pay to ask why their magic is so bright.

LAYER five : story.

Twenty-five years ago was the Garlean invasion of Othard. Utano had been born in Sui-no-Sato and quickly smuggled out in lieu of the invasion to a trusted friend in Gridania. Thirteen years passed before they had been taken—trafficked to Ishgard to be in service to a nobleman by the name of Lord Solainteau. Five years of their life was spent in fear of being killed for how they looked and carried themselves. They planned an escape and broke free, not stopping until they reached back to Gridania only to reclaim a new identity -- Lianthe.They took up conjuring and immediately tried their very best to make a living as a lone wolf adventurer, gathering skills and trying to fight the paranoia that came with being recognizable. But more than anything, they liked to wander. They liked to see new sights. So, they observed throughout the Dragonsong War, throughout the Doman reclamation, throughout the flood of light in the First and throughout the End of the World.When the Seventh Heaven appeared, Lia was one of the first to visit. And they never left. The Twelve took notice of their care of the realm and decided, perhaps they required a Guardian for Omphalos. They made a deal Lianthe couldn’t refuse and the viera fell into a coma to regulate the now potent and endless aether within their body. Presently, Lianthe watches over the Omphalos, a name given to the Phantom Realm by scholars invested in the research of the area. Though they have a home on Etheirys, their willingness and dedication to the Twelve has granted them the position of Keeper of the Seventh Heaven, of Omphalos itself. As always, there is a little bit more to it, should one choose to question them further.They'll tell you that they came from humble beginnings--following the Wanderer and traveling all across Etheirys; experiencing the end, granting hope to the hopeless. Considered to be a whisper in the wind, it's common for them to be seen and never seen again unless you intrigue them enough to come back or seek them out. Regardless, they always welcome a conversation should anyone want to walk up to them.

LAYER six: hooks.

—   divine.

Lianthe is the Guardian of the Seventh Heaven and doesn't mind talking about their duties on the realm or their experience working with the Twelve. Though, they will say that it tends to be a bit lonely at times. If your character is well invested in the Twelve, they will see themselves as a prophet towards your character.

—   ishgard.

Because of their enslavement, they do not like Ishgard nor do they particularly enjoy Ishgardian Nobles. Proceed with caution if you're from there. Though, if you're naturally haughty like an Ishgardian Noble, they will not like you from the get-go. Prepare for subtle hostility.

—   identity.

Lianthe is not their original name. If they tell you their original name, they'll answer to it but they would prefer you call them Lianthe. Fujimori Utano [ 藤森(ふじもり)の謡野(うたの) ] is their birth name. As they came from Sui-no-Sato, anyone from there may know of a family whose daughter had been carried to safety from the Garlean invasion.

—   beloved.

They are canonically and monogamously married to Adon Rynaeia. They will not give up any chance to talk about Adon. When they do, their features soften more than usual and their expression is just one of pure admiration and love.

—   aether.

Because of their pact with the Twelve, they have an unbelievable amount of aether stored within them, constantly replenishing and constantly potent. If your muse can see aether or otherwise detect it, Lia's is a very, very blinding gold and white color.

—   shells.

They have two forms other than the viera male. The viera male is the most common one that you'll see but it is not their original body. The other two are usually held by a free company member of theirs. Their original form is an Au Ri woman, blind from giving up both of her eyes to have a body she loved.

—   fatigue.

There are moments where they are extremely tired. If you're observant, there are usually what appears to be deep bite marks on them. They usually aren't inclined to delve deep into that but they'll smile, say it's alright and leave you to wonder what precisely happened to them.

—   runes.

Divination being one of their many interests, they have a tendency to become a pseudo-therapist for people who have worries about their future or worries about some aspects in their lives. They always carry their runestones on them so if you'd like a reading, all you need is to ask.




Love. Daily, I find myself catching him within my mind – obsessed over his touch. Beautifully entangled within his hands, he plays me like a harp.




Love. Daily, I find myself catching him within my mind – obsessed over his touch. Beautifully entangled within his hands, he plays me like a harp.

 chara name.    adon rynaeia.
 relationship.    husband.
 summary.    adon was the first person to love lia the way they had always craved being loved. coming from a harsh past, they were shown such great gentleness from the xaeraen and endeavors to do nothing but be his love, light and life no matter what the cost is. despite occasional struggles regarding his own work, they feel as though they can be truly themselves around him, even if they're feeling 'off' some days. as they are his home, he is their home and they will go into a panic any time they are separated from him for too long.

 chara name.    aeshma.
 relationship.    husband. (?)
 summary.    aeshma is the voidsent living within adon. lianthe seeing the voidsent as nothing more than a parasite, they give the voidsent aether when it is needed and nothing more. seeing as the demon is using adon's body, there are no qualms in fornicating with the other and if it's easiest to take aether that way, lia will do anything to make sure there's no harm to adon in the process. the viera, though, has been increasingly more fearful of the voidsent depending on the amount of strength he has. If it wasn't quelled by adon's love for the viera, lianthe would be terrified for their life.

 chara name.    hiroki fujimori.
 relationship.    sibling.
 summary.    hiroki is lianthe's older brother. However, unlike the latter, hiroki was not smuggled to gridania and instead stayed in sui-no-sato to protect their family along with their father. unsure if the garlean invasion was going to reach the depths of the sea, hiroki did periodic searches around the perimeter until he was caught and was given a choice: enlist in the garlean army or be killed. appealing to his desire to find his sister and protect his family, the army convinced him. lianthe has no idea he even exists and it's unlikely that the two will meet unless under extreme circumstances.

 chara name.    rune zephania.
 relationship.    enemy (?).
 summary.    rune has a tendency of taking advantage of lia's kindness and uses them to manipulate adon. lia knows how rune truly is now, so the two rarely talk anymore.

 chara name.    jackal.
 relationship.    friend.
 summary.    lia sees jackal as a strict teacher but even more so, someone that lost his chance at love; rather, lia stole it from him. it is something they will always feel terrible about despite being told it was fine.

 chara name.    jester.
 relationship.    friend.
 summary.    the 'fun' friend, as lia would so aptly put it. jester took over for jackal in gun lessons and the two are chaos incarnate together. thankfully, they are usually not in the same space at the same time.

 chara name.    lumina lumi.
 relationship.    old friend.
 summary.    a person from lia's past freedom. there is little that lia remembers in terms of what the two have done or how they've met but if there is one thing lumina does care about, it's not divulging any information in regards to it.

 chara name.    ziva zivanatae.
 relationship.    friend / adopted child.
 summary.    not actually family but might as well be, lia taught ziva the ways of healing and being semi-ruthless in the approach of it. thanks to lia, ziva is now a bloodthirsty white mage. oops.

 chara name.    rowan delacroix.
 relationship.    old friend.
 summary.    the first few times they ran away from their former maitre's estate, they stayed with rowan for a little bit. he was one of the very few people that didn't scorn them. they don't talk much anymore since he's based in ishgard.